When Problems Abound With Your Tenancy

Foreclosure For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.The issues that come up for every landlord or tenant can often be daunting. From fair housing issues to lease drafting and negotiating, the attorneys at FCLG are here to guide and assist you. The Florida Consumer Law Group understands that problems can affect both landlords and tenants alike. We understand the importance of having sound lease agreements and understanding Florida’s landlord and tenant laws so that rights are not trampled upon

Education-Based Representation

Our website offers a wealth of information for every property owner, property manager and tenant to refer to when legal information is required.  We provide, among other things, access to the Florida Statutes that pertain to landlord tenant law and forms for everyday needs. We also answer questions such as when a Landlord can evict a tenant, when a Tenant can fight back, what the proper eviction procedures are, what the improper methods of eviction are (so that they can be avoided or defended), what a “Money Judgement” means to the landlord and tenant.

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