Unbeknown To You.

Unbeknown to you, your personal and financial data was compromised.  Unfortunately, you learned about it after much of the damage was done.  You then scrambled  to stop whoever it was that had the low moral turpitude to lie and cheat for financial gain at your expense.  While the criminals were stopped from continuing to use your identity, the havoc wreaked upon your personal credit has also wreaked havoc upon your personal life.

Losing the Life You Once Enjoyed

Your credit rating is damaged beyond words, preventing you from living the life you once enjoyed.  Credit line and credit card accounts have unilaterally – and without giving an opportunity to explain – been closed, leaving you with the inability to use the credit that was your lifeline.  You have fraud alerts on all your accounts, a self-imposed demand that you have your identity questioned and scrutinized everyday as you go about your business.

When Matters Get Worse

To make matters worse, the creditors defrauded by the persons involved in the scheme, continue to call you incessantly, harassing you for payment on an account you so vehemently deny ever agreeing to.  To add insult to injury, some have even decided to file lawsuits against you.

Contact Us Now and Get Your Life Back

Fortunately for you, there are laws that have been enacted to protect you from this suffocating and dreadful situation.

You can get your life back.  Contact us for a free evaluation of your matter.