attorneyWhy Defend Yourself From Credit Card Debt Lawsuits?

So you’ve been served with a lawsuit over a debt you incurred? Nowadays, you are not alone.  The current economic environment has deteriorated to the extent that more and more consumers face the decision between paying their vital household related expenses or their credit card bills.  When paying credit card debt means falling behind on your mortgage payment or having your car repossessed, it is easy to let go of the plastic.

But you didn’t think you would get sued over it!  Well, it happens.  What needs to be understood is that you can still control the outcome.  The choice is yours.  You can ignore the lawsuit, hoping that you’re judgment proof or you can be proactive and take charge of your future.

Be Pro-Active, Not Re-Active.

Defending a lawsuit against a creditor means more than just litigating it.  It provides you with the leverage to obtain the results that are right for you.  It allows you to either settle the debt for a lump sum payment that is less than what is owed or to negotiate a payment plan.  And even if you are unable to get the creditor or debt collector to agree to some sort of settlement, it affords you the time necessary to prepare yourself for what may be coming.

Bankruptcy Is Not For Everyone.

As you know, filing for consumer bankruptcy protection can be an option for some.  In fact, Federal Courts are witnessing record bankruptcy filings across the country.  But not everyone can file bankruptcy.  Did you know that consumer bankruptcies under Chapter 7 are not available to those that make too much money?  You might be thinking that someone that makes too much money would not need to file bankruptcy.  Consider, however, that even those that earn a large paycheck can get in over their head.  Yet there are other options open for them too. The point is that when confronted with a lawsuit, you shouldn’t simply stick your head in the sand.  Educate yourself.  Prepare yourself.  And act in accordance with what is best for you.  Inaction simply limits your ability to act in your best interest.  The deeper you get into debt and the further the lawsuits go along, the less choices you have.  Decisions may become easier simply because you have allowed some (or most) of the choices to no longer be available, resulting in an outcome that is less than desirable.

It Is Never Too Late To Empower Yourself.

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However, even if you have ignored the creditors and the lawsuits, there may still much that can be done.  It is never too late to improve your situation.  Don’t let the creditors and debt collectors break you.  Call us for a free evaluation of your matter.  We would be glad to educate you and to empower you.