You Have Rights – Even If You Owe The Debt.

All too often, I find people that have given up fighting debt collectors and creditors.  They resign themselves to the misconception that there is nothing that can be done to ward them off.  Before they know it, the bank accounts are being seized.  After that happens, it doesn’t matter because they don’t have much more they can take.   They worry, though, because they have no clue what the creditor is up to.  “Could they take my paycheck?”  they wonder.  Then the thought of losing the car enters their mind and anxiety sets in.  It is that uncertainty that can drive anyone to insanity.

And hiring an attorney seems ridiculous,  After all, what money is there to hire one?  It becomes almost debilitating…and hopeless.

Have you ever found yourself with so much to do that you don’t know where to begin?  Work starts getting done, but not enough to make you feel like you’ve accomplished anything productive.  There’s too much to do and the disorganization is too great.  It is because the big stuff that has to get done seems too overwhelming (when in reality, it isn’t) that it is simply easier to deal with the less ominous so that the anxiety levels off.  Working to stay busy, but not actually getting anywhere.  But after a while, it becomes crystal clear that little progress is being made.  And the realization is that before anything substantive can get done, there must be some order in all the madness.  The thought sets in : “I need to organize!”  So organization becomes priority after time is spent – and wasted – doing the small stuff.  With the proverbial big, ugly frog still sitting there – that huge mess you have to attend to, but cant muster the energy to do.

When Creditors Zero In On You.

So it is that when creditors and debt collectors begin to zero in on you, the most effective defense is knowledge.  Knowing your rights not only helps you plan for what lies ahead, but also helps you organize yourself and your thoughts in such a way that your ability to defend against the creditor is maximized.  Knowing that you can effectively prevent creditors from incapacitating you by taking everything you own, you arm yourself with the power to do so.  And without giving it a second thought.

We set ourselves apart from other consumer law firms by educating our clients.  While we give them a hand, we also empower by affording them the peace of mind to go about their lives without the added anxiety of not knowing what will come next.

Education Based Representation.

We want to educate you. We want you to know what tactics the creditors use to deprive you of the ability to survive.  It is getting caught by surprise that results in loss of income that, in the short term, prevents you from making your car payment…or your rent payment…or mortgage payment.  Whatever is most important to you.  Having your car repossessed is not only depressing, it prevents you from getting to and from work.  It results in many more problems than just that credit card account you stopped paying and got you in the mess you’re.  It can lead to more and more bills not getting paid.  It is simply the beginning of a roller-coaster ride that doesn’t seem to ever end.

Know that you can get help from an attorney without having to front any money is difficult to grasp when you’re down in your luck.  After all, lawyers don’t work for free, right?

Using Consumer Laws To Pay Your Attorney Fees and Costs.

Well, thankfully, there are consumer laws that provide for attorney’s fees.  These protections are there to ensure that creditors don’t abuse their position and don’t unfairly take advantage of consumers that are having financial trouble.  And it doesn’t have to cost you any money out-of-pocket.  The creditor or debt collector pays our fee!!  If we are not successful, you don’t pay anything.

Empower Yourself and Contact Us.

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