When All Else Fails

The attorneys at the Florida Consumer Law Group are knowledgeable about bankruptcy law and provide the legal means for an individual consumer to either wipe out (“discharge”) his or her debts or resolving the debts by developing a court-approved reorganization plan, or another plan where creditors obtain repayment over time to save client property such as their homes.

Using Bankruptcy To Your Advantage

Our attorneys, however, don’t jump at filing bankruptcy for their clients unless there is a clear advantage for doing so and all other options have been explored or utilized. At the initial office consultation we explain the primary purpose of filing for bankruptcy and how the bankruptcy laws are applied to relieve consumers of the indebtedness that is preventing them moving forward and living their lives. Furthermore, we assist in determining what debt may be eliminated, how long repayments may be extended, what possessions may be kept and what must be liquidated, as well as other details concerning the particular case.

Contact Us – We’re Here to Help

If you find yourself facing foreclosure, lawsuits, liens, repossession or wage garnishment, our lawyers are here to help find the best option available to help eliminate debts immediately.  It’s a FREE consultation, so there’s no risk to you.  Contact us now.